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Moxie Moms: Doing GOOD in the Neighborhood!

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Schools and Nonprofits: Pay it Forward!

Did you know that the Moxie Moms Movement is more than cost-savings network? Some our partners are nonprofits, while others are schools or academies that help families be the best they can be.

By joining Moxie Moms, you can “pay it forward” by supporting establishments that focus on mind, body and spirit! As a customer, you’ll receive discounts AND the satisfaction of being part of something meaningful. For instance, some of our partners, like Bounce U in Pennsylvania, sponsor charity nights with proceeds donated to deserving nonprofits. Likewise, College Hunks Hauling Junk, a Pennsylvania business, donates or properly recycles at least 60% of unwanted items. We call that a win/win!


Shalom Baby is a Boulder, CO nonprofit program offering parent/child classes to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Card-carrying Moxie Moms get a 10% discount on tuition. Class schedules are listed on their website.

KVPAC in Katy, TX (a suburb of Houston) is a non-profit organization providing educational classes, camps and community outreach programs in Theatre, Visual Arts & Music. Card-carrying Moxie Moms receive a 10% tuition discount on various classes. Visit their website for more information.

The River Oaks Chamber Orchestra of Houston personalizes the orchestral experience. Enjoy an evening out with the kids and enjoy adult time and a concert while the kids enjoy a musical program of their own. Card-Carrying Moxie Moms Members get 20% off the regular price of concert tickets and more. Visit their website for details.

Education and More!

How wonderful that our kiddos can be so deeply enriched by Moxie Moms partners! Early childhood development, swimming, dance, gymnastics, ballet, music, Tae Kwon Do — you name it! We have you covered!

Check out our various partners in the Boulder, Houston and Philly area!

Learn more about organizations we love and support that cannot be regular Moxie Moms partners for obvious or other important reasons. Check ’em out!

Are You a Nonprofit or School?

If you manage a nonprofit or academic establishment, consider joining us. As a preferred Moxie Mom partner, you will further benefit our members — your customers — with discounts, but also enjoy the business we direct your way!


Have questions? Contact us! We are thrilled to welcome you to the Moxie Moms Movement!

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