What better time to save money than during February — the month of romance!

If you (or your sweetheart) need gift-giving ideas, we have them! We also share “Night Out” opportunities and ways to give back in this season of love!

Best Places to Pick up Chocolate, Cards and Flowers

Don’t miss Alfalfa’s Chocolate Event! Enjoy specials plus 15% off everything — even sale items! That’s a big deal!

Remember, flowers and plants will definitely make someone’s day! Stop by Sturz and Copeland and take 15% off all arrangements!

You are also invited to visit Pharmaca, our Featured Partner, for Fresh Beauty Events and 15% off!

How about a massage? Take advantage of February Warm Up Specials and 15% off with your Moxie Moms membership card at JL Massage and Skin Care.

Also pamper yourself with Lily Fresh Skincare. Enjoy Joan’s Tips below for a great Valentine’s glow!

Hello Moxie Moms!

If you’ve visited me for a facial, you know that two of my favorite skin care items are toners and sponges. The reason I love them so much is that they are a dynamic duo for cleansing the skin, maintaining pore health, and allowing your moisturizer to work. Because my job can be physical, I sometimes use a toner three times a day. A quick toner spritz (try to use one without alcohol) on a cotton pad removes airborne particles and sweat. My skin immediately comes alive!

For sponges, I choose natural fiber/ cellulose sponges when cleansing. Squirting a dab of cleanser on a sponge is an effective method for gently exfoliating while cleansing and encourages improved skin texture. Over time, this also allows your toner and moisturizer to work more effectively.

Here’s your twice daily routine: 1) Cleanse the skin using warm water, 2) Spritz toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe your neck and face, 3) Gently splash your face with cold water to close the pores and 4) Moisturize.

On the Go-Go: I like pre-medicated toner wipes for gym bags, purses and our teenage kids’ backpacks. Save money and cut each wipe into two. My recommendations: DNA Skin Institute’s “Mediclear Natural Cleansing Pads” found at jlounge Spa, or Aveda’s “Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads” found at most Aveda spa and salons.

What skin care line do I carry? Lily Fresh Skincare.

And don’t forget to pamper your eyes!

February is a great month to take care of your personal eye health. Altitude Optometry is a locally owned business by fellow Moxie Mom, Monica Mortenson. Read ahead as she announces a new exam for the best in eye care.

“Experience Clarifye — a digital eye exam that maps the unique fingerprint of your eye.  This technology helps to reduce the guesswork in the exam by giving the doctor precise measurements of your eyes.  It helps to pinpoint small changes in your eyes that occur over time and also reveals differences you may have in your day and night vision needs. 

Coupled with our Optomap retinal imaging which allows us to check the health of the retina without the need for dilating drops, our exam is digital from the front to the back of the eye. We are located inside LensCrafters Optique. Call our office to schedule an appointment at 720-565-0445 or schedule online.”

Out on the Town!

  • If you love dancing, you’ll enjoy the upcoming Valentines Dance Party benefiting local nonprofit There with Care. Hit the dance floor with a purpose!
  • Another reason to be social: Moms Night Out (TBA) @ Pica’s in Louisville.
  • Hold hands and see the sights at the FREE Museum Day @ CU.

Interested in Sponsoring an Event?

Are you super social? Then why not organize get-togethers for fellow Moxie Moms!

You’ll get a free membership if you sponsor one event per month — what a fun way to forge friendships and build memories! The more, the merrier!

Contact Susan, Moxie Moms founder, for more information.


Have a fabulous and festive February!