Partner Spotlight

Hi Amazing Moxie Moms,

This weeks partner spotlight is JLounge based in Boulder and your go to spa for all things natural!!We thought we would ask them a few questions and share them with you:

  • MOXIE: How long have you been in business in Colorado?   JLounge: We’ll be celebrating 10 years in January! It’s been an amazing decade sharing natural skincare, nailcare, and salon services with our Boulder-area community.
  • MOXIE: Do you have a business mission statement we can share? JLounge: Jlounge is committed to the highest quality guest spa experience using clean products and effective treatments while relaxing and having fun at the same time.
  • MOXIE: Our records show we’ve been partners for nine years – is this accurate? JLounge: Yes that’s correct
  • MOXIE: What do you specialize in? JLounge: Jlounge specializes in offering a variety of skin care services, acupuncture, massage, manicures, and pedicures. We strive to use the most natural products and ingredients in order to provide the ultimate wellness experience.
  • MOXIE: What is one tip or a special treat our Moxie Moms Members should consider when taking advantage of your goods or services?
    JLounge: I don’t think that I can suggest just one treat or tip! I would say that whatever your self-care routine is, or whatever you might be craving at the moment, we would love to be your go-to place of respite. We love pampering moms and providing a nice retreat from your day-to-day challenges. If it’s an hour for a relaxing facial, luxurious pedicure, or simply a quick trip in to have your lashes tinted or brows waxed, we find it’s the little things that can sometimes feel so uplifting. Maybe a stroll in our retail area for the perfect pair of unique earrings, or a candle to take home. We hope you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated with whatever you choose. We look forward to providing you with the best care in our services and appreciate our partnership with Moxie Moms!

Julie and Jen

When these two women met one another, they discovered they had something in common. They were both searching for a particular type of day spa experience, and not finding it. They wanted a place that was clean, modern, and fun. One that offered natural products and was high quality, but priced fairly. Somehow, it simply did not exist. So before too long, this pair decided to create precisely the spa they were seeking.

And they succeeded: Jlounge, located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, offers a full range of superior day spa treatments in a delightful and relaxing setting that’s fresh, welcoming, and sparkling-clean. It’s a restorative destination where you can get pampered with natural products by an outstanding, attentive team of skincare professionals, massage therapists, and nail care specialists. Jlounge was a dream come true for Julie and Jen, and it will be for you, too.

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