Hi Amazing Moxie Moms,
I’m so thrilled to be working with Susan and Amy on revving up Moxie Moms!  My role is:  Creator of Opportunities.  Managing and facilitating all our business development and community connections.

Business Development Update:
I’ve been busy this first month introducing myself to the current community of Moxie Moms partners and non-profits. Our business partners are amazing and hardworking folks.  I’ve been most impressed with their enthusiasm of our Moxie Moms partnership.  Know that in the coming months, keep an eye out for our Partner Highlights – we are working to share a spotlight on each – maybe we can share some new information to you so you can in turn give a new partner a try?
Choosing them first for your business?

What I’m also working on is introducing Moxie Moms to other potential business and non-profit partners – working to grow our Moxie Mom’s network. Some great connections are in work, and we’ll share more shortly as those partnerships are finalized!

Any leads you may have in the community for partnerships are welcome!  Please share to

Community Connections Update:
As you’ve seen, we are revving up our Moxie Moms events!  We hope you can join us soon!

Outdoor events:
We’ve hosted a total of three hikes so far and we’d love for more of you to join us and partake in a little “forest bathing”!    We hike in the rain or shine!  Here is a picture from Chautauqua in the magical rain.
What other outdoor – exercise, gathering events are you interested in?  Times of days?  Durations? We want to hear your thoughts!

Coming up:

Paddle & Picnic on Tuesday,  September 13th –11:00 – 1:30 at the Boulder Reservoir –  Let’s squeeze out the last days of summer in the fresh air and on the water (or maybe in the water accidentally!) and then enjoy a picnic & meet new friends.  Keep in mind our partner Rocky Mountain Paddle Board will be sharing our 15% discount for all rentals.  We also will have a few items to raffle off for current and any new moms interested in becoming a Moxie Mom!
We will raffle off some prizes:

  • A membership renewal for a current member
  • A discounted membership for any attendee who is not currently a member
  • And yummy watermelon to share for our picnic after paddle!

Deadline to sign up September 9th!!!
and you will receive the 15% off code for RMPB rental

Indoor Events:

Zoom – We are contemplating some online/zoom gatherings – any topics we can offer? We want to hear your thoughts!
Our first event will be during the week of Sept. 19th – keep your eyes peeled for this.

Rescheduled Moms Night out at Pica’s Boulder:

We’ve rebooked for Wednesday, September 14th – 4 – 6:30 PM.
Join us for happy hour at Pica’s!  Moxie Moms will order up the chips and salsa, you just need to join us to meet new moms, bring a new friend and use your 15% off Moxie Moms discount for some nosh or beverages!

Mark your calendars for Moxie Moms Hike – Friday, Sept. 30th –  9:00 AM.   
Location to be determined.

So grateful we are moving forward as a Moxie Moms community, after these very challenging years. Looking forward to meeting you in the coming days!

With thanks and warmest regards,
Tracy Heiman


What events are you craving? How would you like to gather with other Moxie Moms? Email Susan with ideas that we can consider for future events!

Are you interested in volunteering to lead events?! We’d love to hear from you! Email Susan to let her know what you’re interested in.

Check out our exciting Upcoming Events!

Paddle & Picnic
11:00 – 1:30


Moms Night Out at Pica’s Boulder

4 – 6:30 PM

Zoom Latte

Date to be announced

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