Under this agreement, the Parties are independent contractors, who agree to use reasonable efforts to promote each other as described below (including use of trademarks), and who will never be liable to the other for any fees or economic damages. The agreement will remain in effect until cancelled in writing.

Moxie Moms Commitments:

  • Distribute up to weekly Partner news and announcements to Moxie Moms members via newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter as appropriate.
  • Utilize a Moxie Moms event(s) to promote Partner as Host and/or via product samples or information/coupons distributed at the event as appropriate.
  • Build and host a page on Moxie Moms website to promote Partner logo, website (with hotlink), company information, and discount offered to Moxie Moms members. Page will be listed on ‘Member Discounts’ page.
  • Partner receives one Moxie Moms membership at a price of $10. This offer is non-transferable. Memberships for employees are available for $29.
  • Distribute a paper coupon (if provided by Partner and approved by Moxie Moms) to all new and renewing Moxie Moms members.
  • Distribute an electronic coupon (approved by Moxie Moms) to all Moxie Moms members up to once per quarter.
  • Will add Partner’s Facebook page to Moxie Moms Facebook ‘Favorites’.
  • Extend opportunity to be a Moxie Moms’ monthly ‘Spotlight’ partner.

Co-Marketing Partner Commitments:

  • Provide an ongoing discount of at least 15% to Moxie Moms members displaying a valid membership card (certain exclusions are permitted).
  • Display Moxie Moms’ sticker and postcards (for customers to take) in store.
  • Put Moxie Moms logo on Partner’s website with hotlink to Partner’s page on Moxie Moms’ website.
  • Put Moxie Moms in Partner’s Facebook ‘Favorites’.
  • Send at least one email or newsletter per year with information about Moxie Moms to Partner’s customer email list. Initial email sent within 30 days of the date of this agreement with a bcc to: partnerinfo@moxie-moms.com.