Join Us in Welcoming new Moxie Partner Avec la Vie and The Hearth Studio

Moxie Moms Members can now receive 15% off Avec la Vie online purchases and 15% off Rebecca’s fine art prints at The Hearth Studio in Lafayette! Moxie Moms can reach out to Susan to receive their discount code for online purchases.

Learn more about Rebecca Lefebvre and her two businesses – Avec la Vie and The Hearth Studio:

How long have you been in business in Colorado?

Avec La Vie (my nature-inspired publishing company) has been in business since 2014 and The Heart (the home of my art studio and gallery as well as Avec la Vie) has been open since August of 2022.

Do you have a business mission statement?

This mission statement encompasses all of my endeavors (personal and professional): Avec La Vie aspires to inspire people to create a conscious, purposeful way of life through self-love, self-trust, and personal responsibility. The tools we create and the knowledge we share, guide people towards curiosity, introspection and, ultimately, transformation. Our goal is to reduce suffering, end humanity’s cycle of hatred, violence, and self-destruction, and in turn take care of our world.

What do you specialize in?

  • My product line at ALV specializes in offering inspiration for conscious, purposeful living–speciagically self-reflection tools for one’s wellness journey.
  • At The Hearth and via my art at Rebecca Lefebvre Art: I hope my art studio and gallery as well as my paintings instill tranquility–juxtaposing the harsh angles of our world with welcomed transcendence.

What is one tip or a special treat our Moxie Moms Members should consider when taking advantage of your goods or services? 

Come visit me! My live art studio is open to the public and is conveniently located next to one of Old Town Lafayette’s most inviting coffee houses. Grab a cup of coffee, chai, or tea and hangout with me. The porch is a welcome enclave from the rush of the world and I have created a cozy sitting area inside to encourage diverse conversations about life, self-love, and creativity.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Learn more about me and my work by visiting my three websites:,, or