January 2023 Press Release: Exciting New Partners + 50% Off Memberships!


Amy Malek


Moxie Moms is excited to move forward in a post-pandemic world with renewed energy and opportunities for social connection, local savings and community engagement.

Moxie Moms is proud to announce new partnerships with Ozo Coffee, Conscious Cleanse, Zeal, Yoga Pod, Chautauqua, Motherlove, Finkel and Garf, The Spot and many more.

Moxie Moms Memberships are half off through the end of January 2023.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   |   Thursday, January 5, 2023

After more than two years of paused events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Moxie Moms is moving forward with renewed energy and excitement. As a social and savings network for women in Boulder County, Moxie Mom’s Mission is to create opportunities for connection, community building, to help support the local economy, and to make a difference in the community by supporting non-profits.

Moxie Moms was created by Susan Lavelle and has been serving the Boulder County community for over 20 years. Moxie Moms currently has over 60 business partners (https://moxiemoms.com/partners/) and over 25 nonprofit partners (https://moxiemoms.com/nonprofits/) who all offer exclusive discounts to Moxie Moms Members.

Since the fall of 2022, Moxie Moms has added many exciting new partners, including Ozo Coffee, Conscious Cleanse, Zeal, Yoga Pod, Chautauqua, Motherlove, Ride Colorado, Finkel and Garf, Avec la Vie, The Hearth, The Body Bar, Massage Like Butterfly, Amy Brophy Coaching, and The Spot.

The cost of membership is only $65 per year, about the cost of one latté per month! After the first year, annual renewals are $45 per year. Moxie Moms Memberships are 50% off now through the end of January 2023. Memberships can be purchased here. To receive 50% off, use code 50OFF.

In addition to the Membership Discounts, Moxie Moms Members are invited to Moxie Mom events that are designed to create opportunities for Boulder County Moms to socialize and network. These events are also geared towards supporting local Boulder County businesses and non-profits. This past fall, Moxie Moms hosted several events for members and non-members, including group hikes, group paddleboarding, and happy hours benefitting local non-profits, and offering raffle prizes form Moxie Moms Parters to attendees. Events for the first quarter of 2023 will be announced on Moxie Moms social channels and at www.moxiemoms.com.

Moxie Moms has over 80 business and non-profit partners where members can save on goods and services. Long-time partners include Colorado Athletic Club, Pharmaca/Medley, Lucky Pie, Jeff and Paige, j Lounge, Bliss Gifts and Decor, Pedestrian Shops, Rocky Mountain Paddleboard, Gateway Park Fun Center, Luke’s Circle, Sister Carmen Community Center, Thorne Nature Experience, School Food Project, Boulder Opera, Downtown Partnership and many more. A full list of partners can be found at www.moxiemoms.com/partners/.

There is no cost to Boulder County Businesses or non-profits to become part of the Moxie Moms network. Contact Susan at susan@moxiemoms.com to become a business or non-profit partner.

For questions about events or marketing, contact Amy at amy@moxiemoms.com.

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